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Pairs Mechanical Knowledge with Professionalism to Deliver Top Quality Customer Service
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If it says BendPak on it, people trust it, and we refuse to take chances with that. That’s why, from our smallest to our largest, we build all our models with the utmost care—as if we were going to take it home and work under it that night.


Superior Automotive has been selling and servicing automotive lifts and service equipment for nearly three decades. Owner Tom Coffey opened shop in 1983. As a former auto mechanic, he knows how to judge equipment performance from first-hand experience. Tom is now joined by his son and co-owner, Mike Coffey, also a former mechanic in both the automotive and aviation industries. Their experience both using and servicing automotive lifts & equipment has taught them to recognize quality equipment like BendPak and Ranger products.

As car enthusiasts, the Coffey’s have spent many long hours under their personal lifts. This passion for vehicle repair, restoration, and modification fuels their desire to achieve superior quality in the automotive service equipment industry. Superior’s family-run integrity means they only sell products which have been constructed with pride, and Superior’s hands-on atmosphere ensures they can guarantee it.

Here, on, you can shop for a wide assortment of BendPak and Ranger products, obtain information about Superior’s repair and installation services, and contact us directly to purchase other product brands and parts.

Superior and Bendpak

Because BendPak’s values reflect the same dedication to quality design and customer service that Superior maintains, Superior has chosen to make BendPak products available nationwide.

Choosing BendPak

Equipment produced with unparalleled quality has branded BendPak as the world’s leading automotive service equipment provider for the last 45 years. BendPak lift systems, pipe-benders, and air compressors are used globally and consistently set standards for the entire automotive service repair industry. BendPak pioneers service equipment technology, utilizes premium-grade materials and components, and understands what it means to service vehicles in the year 2011: “Today’s vehicles are more sophisticated than ever; so are the men and women who service them. The equipment has to keep up with—or in the case of [our company]—lead the front edge of available technology or suffer the fate of irrelevancy.” Innovation, quality, longevity, and durability are key guiding principles for BendPak who were honored with the prestigious Progressive Manufacturing 100 Award in 2010, placing BendPak on the short list of innovative manufacturing companies alongside organizations like Cisco, Pepsi, Northrop Grumman, General Motors, Siemens, IBM and Xerox Corp. BendPak / Ranger was the only car lift manufacturer to receive the PM100 in 2010.

Why Choose Superior as Your BendPak Provider?

Superior sells BendPak products at the lowest price BendPak allows. Price matters but don’t choose a provider based solely on getting a deal: choose a provider that understands BendPak products, the customers whose automotive needs can be met by BendPak, and the customer service expectations of those customers. With Superior automotive, your BendPak transition will be facilitated by knowledgeable personal, who have first-hand experience with automotive service equipment, and who prioritize that your experience be pleasant from start to finish.